• Hemorrhage Control


    TourniCath is a new hemorrhage control device designed to control exsanguinating hemorrhage not manageable by conventional external means such as direct pressure, clotting agents or bandages, and tourniquets.  TourniCath works by internal wound track compression using a cylindrical, doubled walled, inflatable balloon.  This method of hemorrhage control using balloon tamponade of a wound track is not new and has been used successfully for many years with both commercial and homemade devices.  TourniCath uses this same mode of action as do the currently approved devices:  the Foley catheter (not designed for wound track tamponade but often used), the Liver Balloon, the Zimmon gastroesophageal catheter, and the Kaye nephrostomy catheter. 

    However, for the wounds for which TourniCath is specifically indicated, i.e. wounds producing exsanguinating hemorrhage due to deep penetrating trauma in the groin/pelvis or the shoulder/axilla, TourniCath is more easily deployed than the other devices currently used for attempted hemorrhage control from such wounds.  That is, because TourniCath has a smooth rounded tip (about the size of the end of a finger) and a smooth outer sheath covering the rolled balloon, TourniCath is substantially easier to insert than the other devices which do not have these safety and ease of use features.

    Once the TourniCath has been inserted into the wound track (through either the entry or the exit wounds) and the outer sheath removed, the balloon is then inflated to a pressure sufficient to tamponade internal bleeding (90-150 mmHg suggested).  The maximum potential inflation volume of the cylindrical balloon is 400 ML and the dimensions at maximum volume are 8" in length x 2" in diameter.  Thus, TourniCath provides sufficient length and volume for successful hemostasis of most wound tracks in the specified anatomical regions of the body.  TourniCath is not indicated for abdominal or thoracic wounds.

    For more information, please contact Customer Service by phone at 813-289-5555 or by email at info@cardiocommand.com.

    The Tournicath Device is not currently approved by the FDA and is therefore not available for sale in the United States.